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Monday, October 12, 2009

Red Velvet Cake Balls...

In August, we were in the Keys for our mom's birthday. It was so much fun and for her birthday, we went to dinner and bought a cake to have later. The cake was great but we usually give my mom a homemade cake, not a store bought one. So a few weeks after we got home, we made these red velvet cake balls to surprise her. You can find the recipe on Bakerella which is an AMAZING site for unbelievable baking recipes. Okay, we decided to do this at the last minute so we had to do things differently from the recipe. We made a red velvet cake from scratch and since we had no baking chocolate in the house, we melted chocolate chips. It wasnt what the recipe called for but it's all we had. They were soooooo good! Even our dad, who doesn't eat a ton of chocolate loved them. They were gone so fast...almost by breakfast the next day! Next time we make them and we are planning to for Christmas, we'll use white chocolate too. We'll drizzle a few lines of white chocolate over the dark chocolate and we'll totally cover some of the cake balls in only white chocolate. These are one of the best tasting things we've made in a long time! Ciao! Taylor & Jordie


claudie said...

Well look at you chicks! Miss Taylor and Miss Jordie, welcome to blog land.
My absolute favourite cake was made from scratch by my godmother who is 92 right now, was red velvet. She used to make in for my birthday. Look at your pretty cake balls. I just might have to try these & impress my boys, who are 16 and 18. You would think they were really "cute"... I know they think your both very beautiful... don't tell your mom lol
Putting you on my "fav" list.
I have your mom's blog on my "featured site" this week. If you girls don't mind, I will feature you both next week... is that OK? Cool.
Have a great week, and keep up the yummy posts.
Love Claudie from Canada

blueviolet said...

Those are so elegant and I must try them!

claudie said...

Hi Jordie
I'm taking a little blogging break, you have to come and see me tonight or tomorrow. When I come back, probably in a week, i will feature you girls for sure.
Make sure you write your URL in the comment area, because when I click on your name, it doesn't go anywhere, and I know my friends will want to come and see you for sure.
Oh did you like the song that was playing on my PS post?... and if you like French, you'll like Celine's song i'll be playing on tonights post. I'm French and wanted to leave with some neat song.
Didn't you girls have Columbus day today? Shopping????
Have a great week
Love Claudie
See you soon.

Mica Huerta said...

Ohhh Taylor yor blog looks amazing I am not even sure how to get it like this. It looks soo nice! I hope that we can talk soon.